Palace Lehavim

Come make Palace Lehavim your home. Become part of our warm and inclusive community made up of people just like you.

Palace Lehavim

Come make Palace Lehavim your home. Become part of our warm and inclusive community made up of people just like you.

Why choose Palace Lehavim?

At Palace Lehavim, a vibrant and close-knit community has sprouted, comprised of visionary individuals, Negev residents, and Negev enthusiasts, who continue to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. The peace of mind, support, personal security, and accessible healthcare services enable our residents to focus on what truly matters to them – volunteering, community activities, meaningful human connections, and quality time with loved ones. Everything you need is right here, available around the clock.


You’ll find the Palace Lehavim senior home in the prestigious northern Negev community, in close proximity to one of the most sought-after towns in Israel with convenient access to the train station and Be’er Sheva’s cultural and commercial center.


Alongside a professional medical clinic offering prompt and precise care to all residents, our medical division provides nursing, medical, and recovery services wherever needed.


Continue to engage in enriching activities and expand your horizons through our diverse range of clubs and lectures. We promote various volunteer activities and offer a wealth of leisure and sports programs.


Stay close to your family and invite them to share exciting experiences with you right here. Light Shabbat candles together at Kabbalat Shabbat, listen to fascinating lectures, and enjoy time together by the pool and at all our other facility amenities.


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The Apartment Is Spacious, Perfect For Entertaining, Planning A Spacious Workspace, And Enjoying The Indulgent Balcony
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Smart Planning, Superior Design, And Flawless Finishing.
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Our Services

Concierge services

We provide concierge services, such as signing up for activities, reserving theater or concert tickets, ordering taxis, and booking the Lehavim and Beer Sheva shuttle service.

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Apartment Maintenance

At Palace, we offer maintenance services for the apartment’s infrastructure (water, electricity, sewage, plumbing, etc.) and for the appliances provided by us. We’re here to assist you with everything from cable issues, changing a lightbulb, or moving heavy furniture. Apartments are cleaned weekly.

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Palace Lehavim Apartment

Hear From Our Residents

“I’m living the good life”

“We moved to Palace Lehavim, which is half an hour away from our previous home, and it was an excellent decision for us. We’ve been living in the Negev for many years, we’re used to the region, love it here, and are well-acquainted with everything it has to offer. We have everything we need here, and there have been months at a time where I find there’s no need to go to Be’er Sheva at all. Since the move, I feel like I’m living the good life, like a princess.”

Tzipi Rubin, Palace Lehavim resident

“I feel like I’ve been reborn”

“This place is phenomenal. The seniors I meet here aren’t typical, and they’re certainly not ‘couch potatoes’. Almost everyone participates in one activity or another, whether it’s in the gym, playing Triominos or bridge, going for walks, and of course, the club activities and parties.“All my life I’ve been an introvert, even reclusive. Only after coming here do I feel that something in me opened up, something was liberated. The freedom is transforming, and today I do as I please, like a person who’s been reborn.”

Yitzhak Namesh, Palace Lehavim resident

Clubs and Activities

We view our residents holistically, creating individually-tailored plans that emphasize physical and mental well-being. We foster a strong community atmosphere through diverse activities in various clubs, the establishment of committees that contribute to the proper functioning of the home, and, of course, through excursions and tours that bond our community. Our residents volunteer to benefit the community in various capacities based on their interests. They enjoy activities such as art, exercise, creative writing, bridge, and more. We’ve created a happy, united, supportive, and invigorating community that cherishes mutual respect for the unique aspirations of each and every resident.

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