Palace Privacy Policy

Last Updated: October 18, 2023

Palace Privacy Policy

Last Updated: October 18, 2023

We use your information for the following purposes:
1. To contact you for operational and marketing purposes;
2. To comply with legal obligations or court orders applicable to Palace;
3. To enable the use of various services on the website;
4. To improve our services and your user experience, and to create new services;
5. To customize advertisements displayed during your visits to the website based on your areas of interest.

Disclosure of Information to Third Parties
The confidentiality of your information is important to us, and we will not trade your information or sell it to third parties. We will only share your information with the following entities and for the following purposes:

Companies that are part of the Azrieli group, for their business activities;

Third parties providing services to Palace in connection with the provision of services on the
website (such as computing and data processing services, direct mailing, etc.) and for activities
supporting the provision of services (such as lawyers, accountants, business development, and other consultants);

If Palace receives a court order instructing it to provide personal information and/or other information to any third party;

In any dispute, claim, lawsuit, demand, or legal proceedings, if any, between you and Palace and/or on its behalf; To protect and defend the rights, assets, and property of Palace; With your consent or at your direction; In any case where Palace sells, transfers, or merges part of its business or all of its business
and/or assets to a third party, or if it is acquired or merged with a third party, or if it undergoes a process of liquidation or debt settlement.
In addition to the above factors, non-identifying information about our users may be transferred to other third parties. However, before doing so, we will ensure that the information transferred to those third parties does not identify the users it pertains to. Any use of the information by third parties is solely their responsibility, and Palace will not be liable for such use.
Direct Communication

If you consent to it, Palace will contact you, including by email, short message service, and/or any other means, and advertisements will be sent to encourage the purchase of products or services or to encourage other financial transactions, as well as any other communication. Your consent to receive communication constitutes your consent to receive promotional materials, offers, benefits, and various updates related to the Azrieli group, the website, and the services provided therein.
You can revoke your consent and stop receiving such messages at any time by clicking the ״unsubscribe״; button in the body of the message sent to you, or by contacting Palace through: (1) sending an email to: [email protected]; and/or (2) using the “Contact Us” form on the website; and/or (3) sending a letter to:
132 Menachem Begin, Circular Tower, Tel Aviv. By doing so, in accordance with the terms of use of the
website, Palace will refrain from contacting you directly or sending you advertisements.


Cookies are files stored on your personal computer's hard drive that allow us to collect information about your preferences on the internet and your usage habits, such as favorite websites, areas of interest, and the like. Palace may use cookies to customize the website, content, and services offered to user preferences and to improve the browsing experience on the website. If you do not want Palace to collect information through the use of cookies, you can change the settings in your browser, delete existing cookies, prevent the creation of cookies, or create an option where you will be asked whether to agree or refuse the creation of such files. By choosing not to accept cookies and/or refusing to accept cookies, your ability to enjoy all interactive features and/or all the services on the website may be reduced.


Data Security

Palace takes the security of your personal data seriously. We employ appropriate security measures to protect against loss, misuse, or alteration of the information collected about you. However, you should be aware that internet browsing is exposed to many risks, such as phishing, exposure of unencrypted
information, virus infection, and computer communication interception. Using a computer without active and updated antivirus software or without an updated operating system exposes you to virus infection and/or spyware (SPYWARE) that may record your actions on the computer or disrupt your activities on it. The responsibility to ensure that viruses do not enter the computer from which you are using the website rests solely with you, by installing antivirus tools and updating them
regularly. Beware of phishing emails – phishing emails are allegedly sent by us, asking the recipient of the message to enter the website through a link provided in the message, and to provide or update their personal information, specifying the reasons for which the update is required: security reasons, system upgrades,
and the like. The link in the email can be an exact replica of Palace official website from which the letter was allegedly sent. In this way, attempts are made, without justification, to obtain the recipient& personal information for access to their accounts. Transfer of Information outside the Legal Jurisdiction of the State of Israel Palace may transfer information about you outside the legal jurisdiction of Israel and/or the European
Union, among other things, for cloud storage purposes. It is possible that data security laws and privacy protection in the jurisdiction to which the personal information is transferred will not be as comprehensive as those applicable in Israel and the European Union. In such a case, Palace will take steps to ensure a similar level of protection for your personal information. By using the website, you agree to such transfer.


Links to Other Websites

The website may contain links to various websites on the internet (״the Links״) that are not operated by Palace (״the Various Sites״) and that have different privacy policies. Although we aim to link to reliable and trustworthy websites, we are not responsible for the privacy policies or security and information protection systems used on the Various Sites. We are also not responsible for information collected by the Various Sites and/or third parties not subject to this privacy policy, and we do not assume any responsibility and/or commitment in connection with the policy (including privacy policy), working methods, actions, or omissions of Various Sites and/or third parties mentioned above. It is recommended to review the terms of use and privacy policy of these sites. Right to Access; Right to Correction You are entitled to review, by yourself or by a person authorized by you in writing or by a guardian, the information held about you in the Palace database. If you have reviewed the information about you and found it to be incorrect, incomplete, unclear, or outdated, you may request that Palace correct or delete the information.


Palace is not responsible for damages that may be caused or may be caused to you or third parties as a result of the use of the website and/or the information provided and collected through such use and/or the inability to use them and/or damages that may be caused by events beyond its direct control. Palace cannot guarantee that there will be no errors in the performance of the privacy of your personal information. Also, Palace is not responsible for any case or damage, direct or indirect, in connection with the use and/or delivery of personal information including, among other things, disclosure of personal information due to errors, unauthorized access by third parties, and any other cause beyond its direct control. The use of the website is solely your responsibility, and you agree that you will have no claim and/or demand and/or suit against Palace and/or its operators and/or anyone acting on their behalf in connection with the use of the website. 

Modification of Privacy Policy

Palace reserves the right to change the provisions of this privacy policy from time to time at its sole discretion and without the need for prior notice. However, Palace is committed to posting on the website any change in the privacy policy, which will be posted on the website, and any change in the privacy policy will apply to information provided from the date of posting of the updated policy. Therefore, it is
recommended that you visit the website from time to time and check whether there are any updates.


Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments, or complaints about this privacy policy, please contact us at:
Email: [email protected] Address: 132 Menachem Begin, Circular Tower, Tel Aviv
We will make efforts to answer your inquiries as soon as possible.
Thank you for visiting Palace.