Palace Azrieli

A thriving community that is truly a home, offering its residents a well-rounded life experience integrating culture, health, security, quality of life, and professionalism.

Palace Azrieli

A thriving community that is truly a home, offering its residents a well-rounded life experience integrating culture, health, security, quality of life, and professionalism.

Our Story

In 2014, the Azrieli Group expanded its operations and launched the Palace communities network, specializing in the establishment and operation of high-standard senior homes. The extensive experience and knowledge of the Group’s leadership, in collaboration with leading professionals in their respective fields, were dedicated to the establishment of the new network, which currently includes four homes in central Israeli cities and two more under development.




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Our Vision

Our Vision

Azrieli Palace is a senior housing chain that redefines the living experience of the golden years.

We believe seniors should enjoy a full and rich life filled with interest and joy. Our approach is anchored in core values such as respect, humanity, integrity, professionalism, and a passion for service. We design and manage our senior homes according to these principles and our distinctive outlook, providing our residents with a rewarding life within a nurturing community that harmonizes quality of life, health, security, professionalism, and a supportive environment.

About Azrieli Group

The Azrieli Group, led by Chairwoman Danna Azrieli, builds innovative properties that respect every individual at every stage of life. The Group is committed to building and developing the State of Israel through real estate projects at the forefront of the industry, while maintaining high standards of social, business, and environmental responsibility. In all its operations, the Group abides by its core values of leadership, responsibility, excellence, innovation, customer experience, and integrity.

We believe in…

High Standards

We’ve established new standards in the field and have realized our aspiration to lead the senior home sector in Israel. Our homes are designed to meet the specific needs of our residents and include architectural solutions that ensure their safety; our apartments are tailored for seniors, designed in a modern and practical style, and create an excellent living experience; our residents enjoy daily support services provided by expert staff available 24/7, a rich cultural program, diverse activities, a swimming pool, gym, and restaurants.

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A Life of Culture and Community

Now is the time to enjoy a culturally-rich life, broaden horizons, and become part of a vibrant community of people like you. Join a guided tour at a museum, attend a fascinating lecture, engage in intimate encounters with creators and artists, embark on enriching local and international trips, or participate in one of our diverse weekly clubs. Enhance your skills, acquire new ones, nurture your body and soul, and enrich your general knowledge. All of this alongside your fellow community members and close to your loved ones.

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Professional Response

Our team of professionals and experts are available to our residents at all times, ensuring precise, high-quality, fast, and empathetic responses to any need, question, issue, or challenge.  Our comprehensive support system, which includes the most professional personnel in each field – doctors, nurses, maintenance staff, fitness trainers, nutritionists, naturopaths, and more – was established after conducting in-depth research into the unique needs of seniors.

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Quality of Life

A community, healthcare services, friendly staff, a sense of personal security, proximity to family, an energetic atmosphere, and a wide offering of cultural and sports activities – all these elements come together and create a whole greater than the sum of its parts, providing our residents with a high quality of life.

We see the big picture while meticulously attending to every detail. Our goal is to set the new standard in the senior home sector, providing you with a solid foundation for many more years of exciting and enriching experiences.

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