Palace Tel Aviv

Thanks to the location, the community, the standard of service, and the experience, here you live in the heart of the city and breathe culture, activity, and society.

Palace Tel Aviv

Thanks to the location, the community, the standard of service, and the experience, here you live in the heart of the city and breathe culture, activity, and society.

Why choose Palace Tel Aviv?

Come live in a supportive environment tailored to your needs. At Palace Tel Aviv, you’ll enjoy a rich social life, a diverse cultural program including lectures, activities, and clubs, spacious apartments, a specially-designed menu, and a central location in the heart of Tel Aviv.

At Palace Tel Aviv we have created an empowering living environment where you will be surrounded by leading professionals who aspire to provide you with the highest and most enriching quality of life.


At Palace Tel Aviv, you live at the vibrant heart of the city, in the Weizmann Center in North Tel Aviv and adjacent to the Ichilov Medical Center. The sea and the city’s cultural and leisure centers are within walking distance.


Palace Tel Aviv is located adjacent to Ichilov Medical Center. We provide 24/7 medical services to ensure your health and well-being.


Our residents enjoy high-standard service, a rich cultural program, and diverse and tailored physical activities. They go out on excursions, the theater, concerts, and tours, and return home to their cozy and pleasant apartments.


Our residents enjoy rich social lives, and deep connections formed among the community members. During their free time, they host their children and grandchildren for coffee and cake in the spacious living room, for dinner at the chef’s restaurant, or at one of our facilities.


Our apartments

3 Large room


The apartment is spacious, perfect for entertaining, planning a spacious workspace, and enjoying the indulgent balcony.
Apartment plans

2 Large room


Smart planning, superior design, and flawless finishing.
Apartment plans

Our Services

Concierge services

We provide concierge services, such as signing up for activities, reserving theater or concert tickets, ordering taxis, and booking the city shuttle service.

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Apartment Maintenance

At Palace, we offer maintenance services for the apartment’s infrastructure (water, electricity, sewage, plumbing, etc.) and for the appliances provided by us. We’re here to assist you with everything from cable issues, changing a lightbulb, or moving heavy furniture. Apartments are cleaned weekly.

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Apartment in Palace Tel Aviv

Hear From Our Residents

“Free to do only what interests me”

“I moved to Palace Tel Aviv because its location is perfect for me. Everything that matters to me is within walking distance – the museum, Beit Ariela Library, the opera, the Cameri Theater, concerts, exhibitions. My daily routine continues as it was before, but now I don’t have to deal with the day-to-day maintenance of the house and chores like National Insurance or mail. I’m secure, independent, and free to do only what interests me.”

Shulamit Shenar, Palace Tel Aviv resident

Clubs and Activities

Here you can enjoy a variety of activities and amenities tailored to your needs, including a swimming pool, water aerobics classes, a gym fitted with equipment suitable for seniors, personalized training programs with a dedicated instructor, park walks, beach activities, excursions around Israel for different fitness levels, bridge club, lectures, concerts, movies, or entertainment shows – the activities at Palace Tel Aviv never cease.

Everyone will find what they love and have the opportunity to explore new areas of interest, because it’s time to do what you love.

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