Palace Ra’anana

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of the Sharon region and conveniently located within easy reach of shopping and entertainment centers, here, an ideal blend of tranquility and activity comes to life.

Palace Ra’anana

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of the Sharon region and conveniently located within easy reach of shopping and entertainment centers, here, an ideal blend of tranquility and activity comes to life.

Why choose Palace Ra’anana?

Come live in a place that provides support networks, a nurturing community, and a tailor-made environment. Sip a cup of coffee on your apartment’s balcony overlooking the park, and join us to explore and participate in the wide variety of clubs and indoor and outdoor activities we offer. At Palace Ra’anana everything is possible. Our team is here to care for you with genuine concern, every need is met with exceptional attention, and every aspiration is within your reach.


Here you can enjoy everything the Sharon region has to offer – lush, landscaped parks, entertainment centers, culture, leisure, shopping, convenient access to everywhere at any time, and proximity to family.


Alongside a professional medical clinic offering prompt and precise care to all residents, our medical division provides nursing, medical, and recovery services wherever needed.


Every activity you can dream of is within reach here – physical activities, dance and sports, a studio for creative pursuits such as mosaic, painting, ceramics, and numerous clubs, lectures, and enriching tours.


Our doors are always open to your beloved family members, who are welcome to share our facilities with you and enjoy quality time together.


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The Apartment Is Spacious, Perfect For Entertaining, Planning A Spacious Workspace, And Enjoying The Indulgent Balcony
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Smart Planning, Superior Design, And Flawless Finishing.
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Our Services

Concierge services

We provide concierge services, such as signing up for activities, reserving theater or concert tickets, ordering taxis, and booking the city shuttle service.

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Apartment Maintenance

At Palace, we offer maintenance services for the apartment’s infrastructure (water, electricity, sewage, plumbing, etc.) and for the appliances provided by us. We’re here to assist you with everything from TV issues, changing a lightbulb, or moving heavy furniture. Apartments are cleaned weekly.

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Hear From Our Residents

“Here, freedom of choice is the decisive factor”


“The orientation process was comfortable and straightforward. After the initial shock, which quickly passed, I realized how much this place has to offer and how many sports activities I can engage in here. I even joined as a volunteer instructor in fitness classes. I’m very busy here, with classes, in the arts – I love working with mosaics, creating table tops, decorative pieces, planters, and more. The freedom of choice is the decisive factor – you don’t have to do anything, but in practice, you want to be part of what’s happening here.”

Yehuda Barak, Palace Ra’anana resident

“Moving here created convenience for us”

“The maintenance standard here is excellent: a cleaner comes once a week, if a faucet breaks, they come quickly and fix it. There’s an excellent clinic and a social worker who helps when needed. When we lived at home, before moving here, we were busy with lots of errands, driving here and there, parking, waiting in lines, and what not. Here, everything is in one place and within reach, and it’s up to us to decide whether or not we want to participate. Moving here was natural and created convenience for us. Besides that, we were presented with so many options that we realized the apartment is only for sleep and meals because the rest of the time, we’re busy with what’s going on here.”

Malka Barak, Palace Ra’anana resident

Clubs and Activities

We are well aware of the extensive research findings that link an active and meaningful life, characterized by ongoing personal growth and renewal, with happiness in old age. Our events calendar is full of interesting activities that provide our residents with ample engagement opportunities and encourage them to connect with each other. We offer daily lectures on various topics, a professional bowling alley, a rich and diverse library, excursions, theatrical performances, shows and coffee and cake meetings for mingling. We also take care of residents who do not speak Hebrew and make the various programs accessible to them in English, ensuring that everyone enjoys the experience.ה

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