Recovery and Nursing

Our high-quality medicalrecoveryandnursingcenters provide you and your families with aprofessional and supportive environment.

Recovery and Nursing

Our high-quality medicalrecoveryandnursingcenters provide you and your families with aprofessional and supportive environment.

About Palace Medical

In our medical recovery and nursing centers, you can focus on your recovery while receiving the best possible care from our professional teams. Our goal is to help you live full and good-quality lives in spite of any limitations, and we therefore tailor an individualized plan for each patient in accordance with medical recommendations and their daily routine. We ensure seamless coordination between medical professionals and allied health practitioners, as well as between the patient and their family.

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Personalized Care

We surround you and your family with warmth and sensitivity in a professional, aesthetic, and pleasant environment.

Availability and Security

A skilled team of doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals will be at your service every day and at all hours.


Our professionalism is based on expertise. Our medical, well-being and nutrition teams are the best in their respective fields, and we have cutting-edge equipment and facilities.

Our Departments


A department that caters to all the needs of patients after surgery or hospitalization, who require medical support, a peaceful environment, complementary treatments, healthy nutrition, and recovery time for both body and soul.

Cognitive Impairment

A supportive environment tailored to the needs of individuals experiencing cognitive decline. The department offers round-the-clock medical and nursing supervision in addition to activities such as occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and more.

Nursing Care

A comprehensive and holistic support system for people in need of temporary or permanent nursing care. Here, you will receive medical and therapeutic support and a full response to all your needs, ensuring a safe and nurturing routine.

Complex Nursing Care

A team of medical and allied health professionals and skilled consultants provide comprehensive support to patients in need of complex nursing care, around-the-clock supervision, and medical attention.

Our Services


Our physiotherapy institute is designed to assist you in healing, rehabilitation, and strengthening your body, ensuring the best possible improvement in your quality of life. An experienced and skilled team of therapists, advanced equipment, and daily treatment will ensure your optimal progress.

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Occupational Therapy

Learning, preserving, and improving skills and capabilities are essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We encourage our residents to lead a dynamic life that maximizes their abilities, and offer them a variety of activities tailored to different cognitive capacities and motor functions.

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Our recovery and nursing departments are built, designed, and equipped to a high standard, with an innovative vision and adaptation to the needs of advanced-age seniors.

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Hear From Our patients

"Bless you for creating this special place – it's a real gem"

“To the wonderful team who cared for me with dedication that exceeded my highest expectations, re-defining for me the word “rehabilitation” – management, physicians, nurses, physiotherapists and caregivers: each and every one of you is a wonder. You were dedicated to my wellbeing, communicating with me as humans to human. Thank you for the highest quality of professional therapy, personal attention, responsibility, commitment, precision and care you showed. Thank you for listening to me and addressing any problem – big and small, around the clock. Bless you for creating this special place”.

Shulamit Efrat

"It is our good fortune that such a convalescence place exists"

“We would like to commend the remarkable care given by the kind and dedicated team, always ready to help. I am grateful to the highly-professional physiotherapist who helped me recover after my surgery, also helping my husband with respiratory physiotherapy. Special appreciation to the hospitable and friendly kitchen manager, who thoughtfully provided healthy, tasty and fresh food. Thanks to the singer who made our time enjoyable, the trainer who worked with us on body and mind functioning, and first and foremost – the physician and dedicated team of nurses, our two-week stay at the unit was pleasant and successful. We are deeply grateful for this convalescence center”.

Yehudit and Dori Lande