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Physiotherapy is a field that deals with rehabilitation after injuries or illnesses and treats various pains, often preventing them. Most people require Physiotherapy after illnesses, accidents, or various surgeries. Physical therapists can be found in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, assisted living facilities, and more.

Today, there are several different types of physical therapists who specialize in various types of treatments, such as conventional Physiotherapy , medical Physiotherapy ,therapy for infants,therapy for pregnant women, rehabilitation after injury, or complex medical treatments. These therapies are diverse and tailored to the patient’s needs.

Why is it necessary to under go Physiotherapy after surgery or injury?

Functional limitations affect daily life, impact quality of life, and hinder ongoing function. WithPhysiotherapy , you can maintain daily functioning. The treatments themselves include physical exercises to improve body movement, which are essential for improving movement, especially after complex medical treatment or injury. The treatments are also designed to strength enmuscles and improve balance, allowing you maximum independence. 

Treatment Options

One-on One Sessions: Physiotherapy exercises can be performed individually with a physical therapist in various private clinics offering these services.

GroupTherapy:When performing Physiotherapy in groups, you can enjoy social interaction,motivation, competition, and personal perseverance.

Physiotherapy in Rehabilitation Centers

PalaceMedical”  is a medical center for healing and medical rehabilitation located adjacent toIchilov Hospital in Tel Aviv. The rehabilitation center offers international standards in all aspects of rehabilitation and recovery from various treatments and surgeries. At “PalaceMedical” you can enjoy high-quality accommodation and a medical team available to you 24/7. Additionally, you can find physical therapists and treatments for lower back pain in groups that will encourage you to stay committed and attend every session. The team of physical therapists is professional and will accompany you at every meeting, providing you with the necessary response.  


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