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Rehabilitation afterrecovery after surgery or hospitalization is a process that requires mentalserenityand tranquility. It involves a medical team or an individual who as is you in performing daily activities. Surgery or hospitalization is a type of trauma for the body, and the body requires significant rest. Sometimes rehabilitation can be a short period, but in some cases, it can be an extended process lasting several months

Rehabilitation After Treatment or Surgery

Many people are not satisfied with post-surgery hospitalization and require continued recovery at home or in rehabilitation centers that offer comprehensive and thorough geriatric rehabilitation options. These centers have a close medical team and assistance with daily activities. Nowadays ,you can find a variety of rehabilitation centers that offer comfortable conditions for recovery, including close medical supervision, activities, private rooms, emergency buttons, hot meals, and various other options for your convenience

What is a Rehabilitation Center?

“PalaceMedical” is a medical center for healing and medical rehabilitation located adjacent toIchilov Hospital in Tel Aviv. The rehabilitation center offers international standards in all aspects of rehabilitation and recovery from various treatments and surgeries. You can enjoy five-star accommodation, rich meals, treatment, and 24/7 supervision by a dedicated team. All of this is provided at a high level, ensuring you a unique rehabilitation experience

Advantages of the Rehabilitation Center 

Recovery after surgery or complex medical treatments is a particularly challenging process for thepatient. The patient needs close assistance, and sometimes thehelp of a medical negligencelawyer might be required. Sometimes the burden falls on your shoulders as parents who are alsobusy with their work and raising their children. To alleviate this burden, you can seek help fromrehabilitation centers that offerhigh-quality accommodation. These centers provide:

  • Personalized treatment plans for each patient.
  • A professional team of doctors in various fields.
  • Medical staff and nurses available 24/7.
  • Daily physiotherapy sessions with the assistance of a fitness center and professional physic therapists.
  • Gourmet meals managed by a chef and more.


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