Palace Modi’in

We’ve thought of everything – inspiring architecture, a dedicated team, and a supportive, enriching living environment.

Palace Modi’in

We’ve thought of everything – inspiring architecture, a dedicated team, and a supportive, enriching living environment.

Why choose Palace Modi’in?

At Palace Modi’in, our residents are our top priority. We’ve considered all the components that will provide you with a good quality of life, and we’ve created the home for you: our apartments are designed and tailored for seniors; the culinary menu is healthy and rich, based on the finest ingredients; the spa is luxurious and allows for holistic support for both body and soul. The home is magnificent, surrounded by a landscaped garden, and includes charming havens that invite you to sit down and enjoy quality time with your partner, friends, and family.


Palace Modi’in is located midway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and nestled between parks.  It is an exceptional architectural gem that offers easy access to all the cities in the region and cultural and leisure centers.


Alongside a professional medical clinic offering prompt and precise care to all residents, our medical division provides nursing, medical, and recovery services wherever needed.


Our range of facilities and activities is specially tailored for seniors, accounting for your lifestyle and well-being. Here, you’ll find a wide array of clubs, a swimming pool, fitness center, spa, lectures, group activities, and more.


Extend an invitation to your family to join you in experiencing all the wonderful amenities and enjoy cherished quality time together. Gather for conversations at our on-site restaurant and let your grandchildren run around in our expansive garden.


Our apartments



The Apartment Is Spacious, Perfect For Entertaining, Planning A Spacious Workspace, And Enjoying The Indulgent Balcony.
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Smart Planning, Superior Design, And Flawless Finishing.
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Our Services

Concierge services

We provide concierge services, such as signing up for activities, reserving theater or concert tickets, ordering taxis, and booking the shuttle service to the city.

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Apartment Maintenance

At Palace, we offer maintenance services for the apartment’s infrastructure (water, electricity, sewage, plumbing, etc.) and for the appliances provided by us. We’re here to assist you with everything from cable issues, changing a lightbulb, or moving heavy furniture. Apartments are cleaned weekly.

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Apartment in Palace Modi’in

Hear From Our Residents

“You're never short of company”

“The decision to move here is the most important and best decision we have made in our lives. It allows us to be independent, to not drive at night because everything is available right here, and not impose on our children. I really enjoy living here because of the security and safety, both personal and medical.

“Another convenient aspect is that each one of us does what they want, whenever they want. Life here allows for a wide and good level of flexibility for couples, and certainly for singles, because you’re never short of company.”

Perla Fleishen, Palace Modi’in resident

Clubs and Activities

Here you will find a wealth of practical suggestions for activities and areas of interest that will contribute to living active and joyful lives. Our leisure program is regularly updated and encourages building relationships within the community. It brings people together and supports maintaining a good quality of life. Our residents enjoy performances and lectures held in the auditorium, the sports club which includes state-of-the-art fitness equipment and trainers specializing in seniors, a Pilates room, and a bridge room. We also have a luxurious spa adjacent to our swimming pool and offer clubs for music and art, cultural outings, trips, and more.

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