Palace rishon LeZion

Come live in a home full of life and brimming with activity, in a growing community with young families, and within a short distance from historical sites, cultural venues and nature.

Palace Rishon LeZion

Come live in a home full of life and brimming with activity, in a growing community with young families, and within a short distance from historical sites, cultural venues and nature.

Why choose Palace Rishon LeZion?

At the entrance to the City of Rishon LeZion, a high-standard, innovative, luxury senior home is now being built. The tower is 28 stories tall and is located in the vibrant center of the city’s new Rakafot neighbourhood. The home offers 284 apartments facing all directions, a green roof on the 8th floor for residents’ gatherings, activity and cultural facilities and a 36-bed nursing unit.


Palace Rishon LeZion is located in the vibrant center of the Rakafot neighbourhood, at the eastern entrance to Israel’s fourth-largest city. Close to main highways, it offers quick and convenient access to any spot around the country.


Alongside a professional medical clinic offering prompt and precise care to all residents, our medical division provides nursing, medical, and recovery services wherever needed.


The building’s public-access floors include a spacious lobby, cafeteria, restaurant, swimming pool and activity rooms, where residents are welcome to enjoy a wealth of sports activities, lectures and clubs. A green roof on the 8th floor is perfect for functions and social gatherings.


Come live a life full of interest and activity close to your family. Use the home’s pampering facilities or public-access areas built for residents of the home and the neighborhood, to entertain and share experiences with your loved ones.


Our apartments

3 Large room


The Apartment Is Spacious, Perfect For Entertaining, Planning A Spacious Workspace, And Enjoying The Indulgent Balcony
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Smart Planning, Superior Design, And Flawless Finishing
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Our Services

Concierge services

We provide concierge services, such as signing up for activities, reserving theater or concert tickets, ordering taxis, and booking the city shuttle service.

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Apartment Maintenance

At Palace, we offer maintenance services for the apartment’s infrastructure (water, electricity, sewage, plumbing, etc.) and for the appliances provided by us. We’re here to assist you with everything from TV issues, changing a lightbulb, or moving heavy furniture. Apartments are cleaned weekly.

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Palace Lehavim Apartment

azrieli palace experience

video apartment tour

This video takes you on a tour of the sample apartments at Azrieli Palace Rishon LeZion. We’ll guide you through the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and common areas, highlighting amenities such as an indoor swimming pool and an auditorium that hosts a variety of events at Azrieli Palace. Additionally, you’ll explore the dining room and several inviting seating areas.

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“I feel like I’ve been reborn”

“This place is phenomenal. The seniors I meet here aren’t typical, and they’re certainly not ‘couch potatoes’. Almost everyone participates in one activity or another, whether it’s in the gym, playing Triominos or bridge, going for walks, and of course, the club activities and parties.“All my life I’ve been an introvert, even reclusive. Only after coming here do I feel that something in me opened up, something was liberated. The freedom is transforming, and today I do as I please, like a person who’s been reborn.”

Yitzhak Namesh, Palace Lehavim resident

Living in a community

Palace Rishon LeZion was designed based on an advanced architectural approach that believes in mixed use and inter-generational living. The project, built in a central location on a boulevard leading to a park and schools, naturally blends into the neighborhood. The two first floors of the tower are dedicated to community functions for youth, pre-schoolers and retail. These public functions will attract residents and become the vibrant center of the community’s life.

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