Michal Chuderland

Palace Chain, Head of Content, Culture and Sports
It is my job to make the Chain’s wealth of cultural and sports activities accessible to each and every resident, and help them craft their own personal activity schedule. We offer ample opportunity for residents to discover new skills and strengths within themselves, and realize their personal potential. Such strengths are a huge contribution to individual quality of life and contribute to our developing community of residents. I aspire for each and every resident to feel strong, secure and at home in our active community. Our team is an integral part of our success, and each team member is a world unto themselves. I believe in hiring team members with diverse skills and capabilities, who together form a basis for learning and growth, for both employees, residents and the community. I established and managed the Bodies gym, and served as general manager of the health and weight loss program Fitness for Life. I hold a B.A. in hotel and tourism management and an MBA, as well as diplomas and professional certifications in training, nutrition, rehabilitation and senior housing management
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